What we do

Fivecast. Better forecasts.

From the great mass of unstructured and multimedia data available today, Fivecast surfaces critical insights to solve investigative and intelligence challenges.

Fivecast operates at the leading edge of AI-enabled technology, delivering world-first behavioural threat analysis capability.


Fivecast simplifies your most complex problems to give your analysts a deeper insight.


Gain powerful insights across a wide variety of data sources.


Automated risk detection frees up your staff to focus on what they do best

What makes us different

The Fivecast toolkit

Threat detections across image, text and video

Using sophisticated, configurable detectors to ingest key terms or phrases, objects and scenes in images, and quoted material

Powered by deep learning

Using artificial intelligence to teach machines to learn like humans

Consistent and repeatable threat assessments across bulk data

Arming analysts with clearly defined, uniform threat models based on consistent metrics to aim at bulk data problems

Threat visualisation

Presenting insights from mass data that are easy to consume and understand

Image analysis

Revealing AI-enabled insights from visual data, and pattern recognition

Network analysis

Understanding the collective content and behavior of a group of related, or similar entities

Advanced data collection and exploration

Applying automated data collection to a wide range of open-source platforms

Automated change detection and alerts

Monitoring new content in open source data, in real time. Proactively alerting analysts to change

What our customers are saying

"Fivecast has been able to identify crucial interactions and associations in networks that are not identifiable via manual interrogation."

- Intelligence Analyst

"Fivecast is able to effectively automate routine intelligence activities reducing the risk of threats being missed and reducing analyst workload, allowing better prioritisation."

- Law Enforcement Public Safety Analyst

"Our collaboration with Fivecast has been productive and valuable, and their system has helped to fill gaps in our team’s knowledge and understanding of online spaces."

- National Security End User

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