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Fivecast Insight has been developed in partnership with key Australian counter-terrorism partners and will be a key platform in any intelligence strategy against extremist ideology.

Insight takes away the need for manual monitoring and risk detection in bulk data. The tool collects across a wide range of sources and networks and uses advanced analytics to distil thousands of users, activities and reactions to extremist online content. It translates this content into meaningful and actionable threat detection. What used to take an analyst days, can now be now automated by Fivecast Insight and reviewed in just hours.

Fivecast Insight uses behavioural risk analytics and visualisation techniques to detect changes in the online environment, alerting customers to events and individuals needing priority attention.


Fivecast Insight allows for ongoing, automated monitoring of organised criminal groups: their members, associates, affiliates and professional facilitators. With Insight, customers can tailor their monitoring solution to alert against a range of themes – for example drugs, weapons, violence or intimidation – identifying new linkages, highlighting threats and alerting to potential flashpoints before they occur.

It is possible to distil whole networks down to reveal specific lead information – such as a drug courier or a human trafficking route.

By automating time-consuming manual risk detection tasks, Insight frees up your resources to do what they do best - disrupting organised crime.


Community safety is paramount and in event management, threats can come from almost anywhere.

Fivecast Insight gives customers the ability to automate monitoring of large sets of data to identify threats, such as group violence, protest activity or lone actor activity.

Fivecast Insight provides a genuine force multiplier. It broadens the reach of law enforcement, intelligence and event management teams through automation of online threat monitoring and rapid identification of emerging threats that present in bulk data.

Fivecast Insight was successfully deployed to support law enforcement agencies protecting the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth games and by Federal Intelligence services in the aftermath of the Christchurch attacks in New Zealand.


Fivecast works closely with a range of customers conducting complex security vetting assessments and investigations to identify risks such as insider threats.

Insight is the perfect tool to focus on individual cases to expose unknown linkages, un-declared interests and detect a range of other risky behaviour.

Our experienced team all hold national security clearances and our systems are rated to meet the strict requirements for hosting nationally-classified data.

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