Fivecast AI

automated bulk risk assessments

To address the market for automated bulk risk assessments, Fivecast is developing a new enterprise level product, Fivecast AI.

Fivecast AI will combine advanced data science techniques with existing world-leading capability in Fivecast Insight. It will significantly reduce the need for analyst intervention in high-volume risk assessment situations, including security vetting, insider threat assessment and visa risk assessment.

The system will conduct analysis automatically, flagging a percentage of high-risk targets for further review by a human analyst.

Key Features

  • Automated, ongoing and autonomous risk assessment
  • Bulk risk-assessment of thousands to millions of entities of interest
  • Advanced machine learning capability that can “understand” an entity from social media
  • Advanced models, produced from deep learning, to quantify risks, topics, sentiment and perform user segmentation.
    This will provide capability not currently available globally.

Fivecast AI is being developed in conjunction with border security agencies in Australia and the United States, with the primary implementation intended for visa screening and assessment services.

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