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Law enforcement, defence and national security analysts need detailed understanding of online entities to answer key questions, like:

  • What online content has the entity created?
  • What narratives are they engaging with?
  • How has the entity’s behaviour changed over time?

Fivecast has developed cutting edge, AI-powered capability to help analysts sift through the great mass of open-source multimedia content to answer these questions quickly, and accurately.

Threat analytics

Behaviour, risk, change detection and alerts

Automated change detection and alerts can be set to continuously ingest new content as it is produced and proactively alert analysts of changes. This automation saves countless hours, allowing the analyst to focus on newly-posted content.

Fivecast brings foresight. A range of predictive geo-political risk analytics models give deep insight and allow organisations to mitigate risk, rather than react to potentially disruptive events.

Deep learning

topic extraction, geolocation, user segmentation, sentiment and emotion

With such an enormous amount of data, it can be overwhelming to access and keep track of the information that matters. AI can surface relevant insights automatically so analysts don’t have to do the hard work. Not only does this save time, but ensures that changes to relevant information aren’t overlooked.

Machine learning technology means the analysis can be framed using specific terms, and information can be categorised at scale. The outcome is accurate identification of sentiment, emotion and specific elements within images.

Network analysis

Network knowledge extraction from entities of interest

Fivecast generates insights into the collective content and behaviour of a group of related, or similar entities by organising them into a single investigation. Analysts can examine relationships and uncover new connections between key players. Analysts can also focus on entities with the highest engagement with content of interest.

Image analytics

A platform that understands image content like you do

Fivecast’s AI-powered image analytics uses neural networks and deep learning to categorise attributes within online images. This can include facial characteristics, objects, logos, actions and scenes. At a glance, analysts can understand what’s happening visually within a conversation.

Fivecast technology also enables recognition of patterns in vast amounts of unstructured data, including images, for more accurate categorisation over time.

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