About us

The Fivecast story

Fivecast was spun out of the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre, a collaboration between Australia's national security agencies and various research organisations.

Fivecast and Data to Decisions CRC  spent considerable effort working with the law enforcement and national security community to define the big data problems faced by the industry. This collaboration, in line with Fivecast’s expertise in big data, natural language processing, knowledge mining and multimedia understanding, led to the development of the first commercial product, Fivecast Insight. This platform is a world-first data collection and analysis platform, powered by machine learning.

Leading organisations turn to Fivecast when they need risk-based analytics to manage open-source intelligence challenges. Fivecast is recognised as the leading provider of threat analytics for customers in the law enforcement, national security and corporate security sectors.

The brains behind Fivecast


Dr Brenton Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

Brenton has over 25 years’ experience in advanced engineering, technology development and management roles. As chief technology officer at the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC), he led the multi-disciplinary collaborative research and development program. Fivecast was spun out from the D2D CRC. Brenton holds multiple patents and is a leader in the delivery of behavioural risk analytics for the law enforcement, intelligence and security sectors.

Duane Rivett

VP Commercial

Duane has more than 20 years’ experience as an innovation professional. While working as commercialisation manager at the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre, he founded Fivecast. Duane has previously held senior management roles in innovative start-up companies.

Dave Blockow

VP Engineering

Dave has extensive experience as a technology leader in the Defence, national security and telecommunications domains. At Fivecast, he is responsible for building and leading teams with best-practice engineering cultures and aligning technology selection with business and user needs.

Ross Buglak

VP Product

Ross is an experienced solutions architect, who has held a range of lead technical positions across commercial and Defence sectors, leading multi-disciplinary engineering and research teams. Ross has co-authored multiple patents and research papers in the areas of data-mining and big data architectures.

Account Manager

Matt Rossiter

Account Manager

Matt has a career spanning 20 years in both National Security and Law Enforcement Intelligence. Matt has held senior analysis, technical and management positions across the National Intelligence Community and has extensive experience working with Australia’s key international law enforcement partners.


Mike Downing


Michael P. Downing brings 35 years of law enforcement experience to Fivecast. Most recently he served as the Deputy Chief, Los Angeles Police Department and Commanding Officer, Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau where he led five operational divisions. He is currently Chief Security Officer with Oak View Group an asset company building, managing, and securing Sport and Music Stadiums in North America.

Don Hepburn


Don Hepburn brings 25 years of experience serving in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) retiring at the rank of Senior Intelligence Service Officer. He held executive positions both in the field and in Washington DC and is currently Fivecast’s advisor for US National Security and Private Sector Operations and President of Boanerges Solutions LLC.

The Board

Andrew Stead

Board Member

Andrew Stead has worked extensively with start-up founders and early stage investors through private and public incubators, accelerators and venture funds. Andrew specialises in the commercialisation of technology products, creation of new businesses, capital raising, and mergers and acquisitions.

Chris Constable

Board Member

Chris Constable has over thirty years’ experience in national security.  He has had postings in Australian and overseas spanning the full spectrum of Australia's security intelligence priorities in both operational and policy contexts.  At different times and for extended periods Chris was responsible for leading Technical Collection Capabilities and Counter Espionage & Foreign Interference programs.

Martin Duursma

Board Member

Martin Duursma is a Partner at Main Sequence Ventures.  Martin has over 25 years’ experience as a Senior Executive, Technologist, Business Founder, Angel Investor and Mentor both in Australia and the US. Prior to joining Main Sequence Martin was a senior executive with a range of global responsibilities at Citrix. 

Elaine Stead

Board Member

Elaine is the Head of Blue Sky Venture Capital and is responsible for the management of the Blue Sky venture capital fund and portfolio for Blue Sky. Established in 2012, the venture capital division has expanded to four funds, including South Australia’s venture capital fund (the SAVCF), and over $200 million in funds under management across a broad range of industry sectors.